Experience API Masterclass (International Edition)

The Masterclass to become a true xAPI Practitioner, an experienced professional who knows how to use the xAPI specification within their own projects and their Organization. In addition to theoretical fundamentals, exclusive tools (online and offline) for xAPI design and xAPI Data Governance are provided to all participants.

A unique, innovative, practical framework to learn Experience API.

From Wednesday, November 13, 2024.

All the sessions, all the materials, will be in English.

Nicola Mastrorilli · Luglio 17, 2023

Once there is an awareness of the value xAPI can bring to the company, it is essential to work to ensure that the technical and design skills of the HR / L&D / IT team are brought up to the state of the art regarding the xAPI standard.

EXPERIENCE API MASTERCLASS is a format that is developed over a period of about 8 weeks with theoretical sessions, practical workshops, exercises, quizzes, project work, one to one coaching sessions, presentations of successful cases, examples of applications of the standard, and practical exercises on issues and contexts of the Company.

Who is it aimed at?

The course is aimed at all HR professionals, all those involved in training (especially e-learning), and all professionals who variously design, implement, and deploy learning paths.

xAPI obviously has an impact on the technology infrastructure as well, and therefore it is important that the IT contacts who deal with HR systems and solutions are properly trained. Particularly so that they can better manage the crucial aspect of xAPI Data Governance.

xAPI is also a formidable framework for Analytics (not just HR Analytics) and therefore the Masterclass is also useful for all those involved in various capacities with HR Analytics.

The Masterclass ideally follows the Bootcamp but can in some cases be the first step for the Company, if a sensitivity to the potential of the standard has already developed within the Organization.

Course structure

We develop the program over an 8-week span so that content and exercises are enjoyed at an appropriate pace, allowing the theoretical parts to settle down the right amount of time and the practical moments to effectively consolidate the concepts learned.

Structure, content and fruition time are calibrated to allow everyone to follow along at their own pace. The use of synchronous and asynchronous sessions allows great flexibility.

Each participant will benefit from 20 hours of face-to-face sessions in frontal mode (online webinar), 6 hours of micro-learning, 8 hours of exercise and project work, 1 hour of 1to1coaching, for a total of about 35 hours of activities spread over about 8 weeks.

💊 The micro-learning content is video content, podcasts and innovative formats. A very important feature of the course is the project work that allows everyone to put into practice what they have learned, also being able to customize all the elements learned by adapting them in a practical way to their own work.

The proposed program can be modified to better suit the Client’s needs if a customized Masterclass is required for their company.

Some practical information.

The next edition will be held starting Wedsneday, November 13, 2024 and ending Wedsneday, January 8, 2025.

The fee per individual participant is 1,000 euros.

There are reduced rates for those who register by September 31 (EARLY BIRD) and discounts for companies or organizations that purchase 3 shares or more.

The Masterclass allows you to earn 500 GEMS, the points that reward learning experiences on the topic of hr analytics.

The Masterclass also gives away 200 Aces, the points that can be used to unlock Cartesian Premium content (tutorials, events, materials, and exclusive discounts for Community members).

The trainer in charge of the Masterclass is Nicola Mastrorilli. Learning Experience Designer, founder of Experio (in 2015 he was the first Italian Learning Record Provider) has been a consultant for training projects for over 20 years dealing also with communication in all its forms (online and offline).

He introduced, for the first time in many Italian companies, the Experience API standard, an analytical approach to training and the use of the most advanced technologies for learning.

He is a lecturer for Ca’ Foscari University courses in Digital Management at H-Farm, a reality at which he also acts as a mentor for incubated start-ups. He is also a lecturer at the ITS Digital Academy for the ITS Biennial Course for
Higher Technician for Digital Innovation and Marketing with a focus on HR Tech, organizational process innovation and knowledge organization.

Once a marathon runner…today he runs after little Agata and Nora.

If you have any questions you can consult our F.A.Q. or write to us directly at info@cartesiani.it.

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