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We accompany professionals, teams and organizations inside the Experience API revolution, enabling a new way of doing training and laying the foundation for People Analytics.

To our three-phase journey we wanted to add a zero phase, a kind of invitation to enter the world of xAPI. And we decided that this introductory workshop would be... free

Yes, we are not kidding. We believe it is important to allow as many people as possible to come into contact with this new standard. In 60 minutes of great intensity, we play and experiment to discover the world of xAPI together.

The xAPI Playground Workshop leads participants to understand the main features of the Experience API standard by focusing on its enormous potential and to understand the paradigm shift it introduces.

Workshop will be periodically released. The next online workshop is on 18 July, 17.00 CEST.

We are crazy about xAPI...

Not in the sense of out-of-the-blue...but in the sense of professionals who believe strongly in this standard and who work with great passion to turn the extraordinary potential of this approach into reality. That's why you've probably seen us take xAPI really everywhere....

The first step, we have learned on our own skin in more than 10 years of daily practice, is to understand Experience API in depth. Unlike other standards xAPI is not just technology, it is first and foremost a different methodological approach.

So here we have created our flagship training course for those who want to make the most of the Experience API standard.

The Masterclass in Experience API Is a training course (full remote) that, with more than 35 hours of distributed activities  in about eight weeks brings participants to a level of professional knowledge that is not only theoretical but also practical, thanks to hands-on workshops, sessions one to one and to a project work individual.

The Masterclass can be requested in a customized edition for one's own company (at least 6 participants) or it is repeated periodically 3 or 4 times a year in a multi-company version. 

The next edition starts on November 13, 2024. Discounts and concessions for early registrants and groups above 3 participants.


The joy of learning together

The Masterclass is a highly interactive course with many synchronous sessions in which discussion with the instructor and among participants is a generative source of further insights and insights and is one of the unique features of this training proposal. 

The second step, once you understand the Experience API standard in all its aspects,  Is to bring it within your own organization or customer base

It was in this spirit that we created the xAPI Bootcamp. In alcuni contesti può essere valutato come primo elemento per introdurre il tema.

A facilitation format in 5 modules designed to bring xAPI into the Company. It includes expanded sessions to involve all divisions by showing them the potential of the standard. In-depth sessions, restricted to HR and IT, allow to define the scope of application of xAPI and indicate in a special analysis document, the possible application scenarios.

Bootcamp is conducted only on request and is designed to be delivered in-person. You can request information or schedule a cognitive call directly by clicking below.

5 unique modules and a true xAPI action plan

The great thing about our bootcamp is the fact that each individual module addresses different functions and has different goals. But all of them together lead to the involvement of the organization and the establishment of an extremely practical action plan for starting an xAPI project.

The beauty of xAPI is that it evolves and adapts along with the organization. We continue to accompany our clients with strategic and operational consulting services allowing them to be constantly updated on the international standard and best practices.

The last step of our journey is in fact a phase that theoretically might never end, except when the Client has really reached a level of awareness and autonomy.

We work on the issues of xAPI Data Governance, about the part of reporting, about the design of Learning Experience and obviously also on the choice of technology solutions.

Always with the spirit that sets us apart. Independent. Up-to-date. Passionate.

Some of the companies that chose us.

xAPI is extremely flexible, and therefore various and diverse are the areas to which we happen to apply it: from the production of xAPI courses, to consulting in the choice of solutions, to designing statements and profiles, and even to reporting.

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